How to test a Rover Pro's waterproofing (IP67)

The article walks you though the same IP testing procedure performed on the Rover Pro's before they leave the factory.

To ensure that the robot is environmentally sealed we perform a vacuum test which entails pulling a vacuum inside the robot and making sure the robot can hold it for a certain period of time. Its recommended that this test be performed yearly as part of routine robot maintenance.  

If a robot ever fails a vacuum test, a leak test can be performed to identify any leak areas. 


Vacuum Test

Step #1

Remove the faceplate of and locate and remove the M3 screw shown below. 

Step #2

Hook up a vacuum pump to the M3 port.


Step #3

Draw 10in-Hg and then turn off the vacuum pump. After 1min if the vacuum is over 6in-Hg then the test has passed.  



Leak Test

If a robot has failed the above test, the easiest way to identify leak areas is to swap the vacuum pump for an air compressor and apply 10PSI to the robot and feel for leaks with your finger. It can help to spray an area with soapy water to better identify where is leaking.