How to fix a broken drive gear (Rover Pro and Rover Zero)

Both the Rover Pro and Rover Zero drive use drive gears with shear pins that are designed to fail before causing damage to the internals of the robot. If those shear pins fail, this article will walk you through how to replace them.

Below is a pictures of what a Final stage gear looks like out side of a robot. The six vertical pins you see are the 6 shear pins.

Its important to note that improperly installing the wheels can cause the shear pins to fail prematurely. When a wheel is properly put on you should not be able to see more that 1mm of the shear pins.  Below is an example of being able to see far to much of the shear pins. 


The following video show you how to access the final stage gear to replace them. 


Here is a list of all the parts and tools needed for this repair

Part Name Link Applicable Product Line
Final Stage Gear Rover Pro and Rover Zero
Snap Ring Pliers Rover Pro and Rover Zero
Snap Rings Rover Pro and Rover Zero
Grease (optional but recommended) Rover Pro and Rover Zero
7mm Nut Driver  Amazon Link Rover Pro only